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Veterinary Receptionist Duties

This receptionist acts as a great helping hand to the veterinarian in animal clinics. There are numerous activities taking place in a clinic. A lot of animal owners bring their pets to the clinic for treating health ailments, vaccination or bring them for regular checkups. These activities need to be well monitored, coordinated and handled with care, so that the clinic can function smoothly. Hence, the role of the receptionist is of great importance in an animal clinic. Though the basic duties of a receptionist could be greeting and scheduling their appointments, one has to look after the medicinal supplies, maintenance of medical equipment and also has to maintain the overall hygiene of the

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Instant menopause? The nationalSurgical Menopause Experience Survey released today found that half ofthe women surveyed who had total hysterectomies (defined for surveypurposes as removal of the uterus and both ovaries) reported that theyleft the hospital without receiving estrogen replacement therapy (ERT)for their menopausal symptoms. When projected to a national population,this figure represents approximately 100,000 American women a year.

The national survey, sponsored by The National Women's Health Resource Center and Ciba Pharmaceuticals, also found that just over one- third of women (35%) who had experienced surgical menopause did no